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Penelope Smith
Penelope Smith
Founder of Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the ability to listen and respond appropriately telepathically to any living being as well as spirits on the other side. Most people think that communicating with animals is speaking at them and expecting the animal to respond. This is erroneous thinking and needs to be corrected if we stand a chance in changing the world's attitudes towards animals. They have so much to say to us and if we listen deeply, we can return the help that they constantly give us.

Animal communication does not take certification, licensing, or even education to be successful with it. All it takes is a willingness to hear what the animal has to say to you. In order to be successful in listening to your pet, you must become still within yourself, releasing as many expectations as possible. This is where study guides might be helpful in calming your inner self. For those of you who work best with a workbook, there is a workbook that has been written by Joyce Leake, a renowned animal communicator. She is one who I respect completely. She has taken her skill and her gift to create Animal University. This site provides affordable classes that are self-paced. I recently picked up the workbook called, Communicating with Animals, The 21-Day Guide to Success Workbook & Your Personal Journal. Recording your practices and experiences. I found it very helpful. Throught the process of focusing on my thoughts, I was able to see problem areas.

When looking for an animal communicator, do not assume just because people charge $150 an hour that they are better than those who are charging $80 an hour. My two favorite communicators are those who have charged less than $100 per hour. They are Colleen Nicholson, 315-654-4964, and Pam Baca 303.816.4800, I found both of them to be truly compassionate and very in tune with Savannah and my grief.

After reading many books by different authors on animal communication and my experiences in working with them, I recognize it as a true practice. It combines intuition with telepathy. My favorite books were all written by Penelope Smith.

Animals in Spirit - This book helped me to understand Savannah's departure as well as helping me to forgive myself and releasing my guilt.

Animal Speak - A foundation book that gets you started in understanding how it all works.

Animal Talk - This book is an extension of Animal Speak.

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Uniting Voices of the Earth - Animal Telepathic Communicator Penelope Smith,
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