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What is Aromatherapy?

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Aromatherapy is not a medicine or drug.

Nor is it a New Age concept.

In fact, aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years for its healing properties. It has the power to heal emotionally, instill balance where there is imbalance and to calm when there is anxiety or fear. Aromatherapy is used by practitioners to help enhance psychological and physical well-being of dogs and other animals. Over time, human beings have lost their sensitivity to nature. However, dogs have not. Their connection with nature can be witnessed as they eat grass to help calm an upset stomach, or when they alert us to an impending storm or even natural disasters such as earthquakes. All animals are extremely connected to natural world. It only makes sense that natural remedies are more acceptable to dogs, in general.

How are products made?
All parts of a plant can be distilled. The product remaining is oil. It can be thought of in the same way as distilling water. The difference between distilling plants and water is that the product remaining after the distillation of water is washed down the drain; whereas, the remaining product from plants is essential oil. All essential oils have the power to heal.

In what forms do essential oils come in?
You can find essential oils in candles, sprays, and the very basic oil essence. Depending on what is more acceptable to your dog will determine what form you will want to use. It is extremely important that you allow your dog to choose which essence is right for him or her. Most people believe in the power of Lavendar. However, some dogs do not like lavendar and if you use it on them, it will only annoy them. Always test the scent on your dog by just letting them sniff the bottle. If they shy away or show no interest at all, DON'T USE IT. If it is a positive response, by all means use it. In fact, they will probably view it as a treat. Never assume that just because it's good for you that it is good for your dog. Always remember that they know more than we do about their bodies. Listen to them. After all, they are closer to nature than we are.

For additional information on aromatherapy for your dog and other animals, "Essential Oils for Animals" is one of the most comprehensive books on the market. The author of the book, Nayana Morag, is certified in Aromatherapy for Animals, the 5 Elements and Aromatic Energetics, and Systematic Kinesiology.

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Find the essential oil for any problem. You will find practical, easy-to-use information on using essential oils for animal health and daily care. You will also be guided on making natural lotions and potions. This is an exceptional resource for anyone who wants to support their animals in mind, body, and spirit.

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