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Canine Massage

There are many benefits that can be received from massage. We all know how good it feels, but there are certain physical benefits that can help to raise your dog's quality of life. These benefits include:

1) An increase in blood circulation - When there is good circulation, the blood becomes oxygen enriched. The body thrives on oxygen. It only stands to reason that when thoroughly oxygenated blood flows through the body, it not only brings hormones, nutrients and proteins that are necessary for good healthy cell growth, but also removes waste products by carrying them to the organ, which filters them out. Massage actually opens up the cells for the blood to move more freely.
2) It helps to increase lymp movement - Lymph is what keeps us well. It carries white blood cells. When massaged, the lymph system opens and the lymph moves more freely throughout the system.
3) I think we can all agree that massage loosens up our muscles, in turn, creating relaxation. When a body is relaxed, the immune system becomes strong. A dog feels the same relaxation through massage as you can see in the video below.
4) During massage, the massage therapist may be able to feel structural weaknesses in your dog's body that are not quite yet exhibiting any pain or change in movement.
5) Massage helps in moving the Qi (life energy) throughout the body.
6) Believe it or not, dogs have been known to become depressed as they age, not being able to do what they used to do. Sound familiar? Massage can help provide emotional support as they age, adjust to a new home or family member, or any other type of change in their lives that creates stress or anxiety.

Warning: If you plan on doing it yourself, please understand that dogs' bodies take a whole less pressure than humans. When receiving a massage, you are likely to have 50 or more pounds of pressure on your muscles. Humans need this amount because our bodies have lost connection with our minds having to live in the society that we live in today. Our minds are everywhere, but turned inward. Dogs still are connected with their bodies and minds. When using only 2 lbs of pressure on a dog, the mind actually takes over and tells the muscle to release. NEVER should you use over 10 lbs of pressure on your dog. For one thing, you might get bit. If your dog is not accustomed to nipping at you, he/she may become bruised. Use a scale and see how much 2 lbs of pressure weighs. You will be surprised. Consider the above only one lesson in the myriad of lessons that our animals are here to teach us about ourselves.
Natural Dog Remedies Canine Massage
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