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As more and more dog owners begin to see the harmful effects that harsh chemicals have on their dogs, they are beginning to turn toward homeopathic veterinarians. In some cases, the veterinarians choose to practice only holistic medicine, while others are incorporating it into their current traditional practice. Just as you wouldn't go blindly looking for a doctor for yourself, should you do the same for your dog.Check around. Talk to friends. Talk to relatives and even pet stores. I have had my best recommendations for a good holistic veterinarian from "boutique" pet stores. They seem to be connected with that medical network.
The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association offers membership to veterinarians who have proven credentials. In fact, prior to obtaining membership, they must provide their credentials as well as current professional training certificates. This is a good place to start to find your holistic veterinarian. If you have one already that you think the world of, please email me with their information so I can include him/her. I would like to see our list grow. AHVMF's website is chalked full of stories, inspiration, and informative facts. I have provided you with a couple of links to peruse.

American Holistic Veterinary
Medical Association

Once in, click on "Small Animals" to get started looking for your dog's holistic veterinarian.

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