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Rates: $30 - $45 per session
Small - 5-15 lbs. - $35
Med - 16-45 lbs. - $40
Large - 46+ lbs. - $45

Canine massage is a relatively new modality in homeopathic treatments. Just as people are served and healed through massage, so are dogs and other animals. Massage not only has the power to relax, but it also has the power to heal. The gentle stroking on the body stimulates blood circulation, lymph fluid, which increases mobility and joint movement.

Sessions can range from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the dog as well as its willingness to be massaged. If your dog is not used to being stroked or is a bit nervous with a stranger, he/she may not even want to be touched. However, it has been my experience that after a visit or two, dogs will warm up and actually begin to enjoy the process.

Just like with everything else, it is always best to hire someone who has credentials in the modality to work with your dog. Massage is not as easy as it sounds and there are certain things that one must be aware of when stroking their dog.

If your dog would feel more comfortable in having you in the room, you must remember to stay quiet and to allow me to work with him or her.

Lastly, this service is not to replace your veterinarian care. I am not a doctor. However, canine massage can be a wonderful complement to your veterinarian care.

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Cara Summerfield, CMT
Lakewood, CO

Cara cares deeply for and has an affinity to animals in general and dogs in particular.  She has an ability to calm dogs, put them at ease, enjoy and even celebrate their individuality and yes, to communicate with them.  She has recently been a great help to me in training Abby Rose.

Denver, CO


Cara is a natural when working with animals.  I have known her for 35 years. Shortly after her dog, Savannah, died, I noticed that all she could talk about was helping animals.  It didn’t surprise me to hear that she had started volunteering at one of the local animal shelters.  It just seemed right. 

Tucson, AZ



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