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Puppy Training

Training for You and Your Puppy


Puppies do not need to be jerked around to get their attention. In fact, by doing this, the human is being destructive to their dog. After prolonged jerking on the throat, the dog's larynx can and, in most cases, will be damaged permanently. Besides that, they are naturally attentive to their human. They want to please and will do so if the human is clear with their instructions. However, most humans are not. They lack consistency as well as feeling calm when working with their puppy. It has been said before that, in most cases, the puppy is not misbehaving, but the human is when attempting to make their puppy well behaved. Puppy training is not for the dog, but for the human being.

I will train you and your puppy in the basic commands:

Lay Down
Watch Me
Leave It
Walking on Leash
Potty Training

Are you ready for your training?

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Cara Summerfield
Lakewood, CO

Cara holds these creatures in high esteem, and her relationships with them are good, strong and kind. She truly feels a deep kinship with the animal kingdom, and shows compassion and care in the well-being of all animals.

Elizabeth J.
Conifer, CO


She is an excellent – loving, caring and well-informed – guardian of a dog named Cheyenne for the long life of that dog, and for as long as I have known her.  She is highly motivated to do whatever she can to help others.  She was a big help to me when I was starting up my pet sitting business.

Diane B.
Albuquerque, NM

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